Share A Taste of New Orleans for the Holidays
with Aunt Sally’s Pralines!
Creamy Pralinettes Gift Box
Box of 12 - $12.99 - #541 - Shipping wt. 1lb.

This is a great gift box to give, anytime of year. It comes filled with 12 of our delicious Original Creamy Pralinettes.
Memere Basket
$34.99 - #6120CA6 - Shipping wt. 5lbs.

One of our most popular baskets, it contains some of Aunt Sally's favorites - an assortment of six Creamy Pralines, an Original Pecan Log Roll, Praline Pecan Topping, and a box of Praline Coated Pecans.
Creole Pralines

Original Creole Pralines
This is our premier and most popular original creole style recipe, with sweet vanilla notes, and a creamy, buttery, crisp sugary texture, filled with Louisiana pecans.

Triple Chocolate Pralines
This praline also features the same crispy sugary texture as our Original Creole Praline, along with a richly decadent chocolate flavor. We use 100% cocoa to create this luscious treat.

$13.99 - qty. 6 (1lb.)
$25.99 - qty. 12 (2lbs.)
$72.99 - qty. 36 (6lbs.)
$134.99 - qty. 72 (12lbs.)
$179.99 - qty. 100 (18lbs.)
Creamy Pralines

This Praline offers a rich, creamy, almost fudge-like melt-in-your-mouth texture. Creamy Pralines come in a variety of flavors, including Café au Lait, Bananas Foster, Triple Chocolate, and Creamy.

$13.99 - qty. 6 (1lb.)
$25.99 - qty. 12 (2lbs.)
$72.99 - qty. 36 (6lbs.)
$134.99 - qty. 72 (12lbs.)
Louisiana Cooking Basket
$47.99 - #6750A6 - Shipping wt. 9lbs.

A true foodies delight. This gift has it all and will feed the family and friend. It comes with an assortment of six Aunt Sally's Creamy Pralines, a selection of Louisiana Fish Fry products - Cajun Seasoning, Blackening Seasoning, Hot Sauce, Red Beans, and Rice Mix. Etouffee Mix,Gumbo Mix, Shrimp Creole Mix, Dirty Rice, and BBQ Shrimp Mix, and a plastic Spoon Rest.
New Orleans Cocktail Basket
$45.99 - #6545 - Shipping wt. 8lbs.

This is a great gift for the cocktail connoisseur. It contains Oak Alley Mint Syrup, New Orleans Classic Cocktails Book, and Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix.
Praline Treat Sampler
Chewy Treat Sampler, $9.99 - #6410 - Shipping wt. 1lb. | Holly Sweet Treat Sampler, $8.99 - #6408 - Shipping wt. 1lb.

These two goody boxes are ideal for teachers, holiday & hospitality gifts, thank you treats, or just a little something for someone special any time of year. Our Chewy Treat Sampler contains three Chewy Pralines and our Holly Sweet Treat Sampler contains one Creamy Praline, one Chocolate Creamy Praline, one Bananas Foster Praline, and one Cafe au Lait Praline.
New Orleans Salt Free Seasoning Set
$19.99 - #6549 - Shipping wt. 1lb.

Each packet can be purchased separately at $3.99 each
Includes one each of the following: Spinach Dip (#34596), Mardi Gras Dip (#34597), Veggie Dip (#34598), Shrimp Dip (#34599), Jambalaya Seasoning (#34607), and Dirty Rice Seasoning (#34608).
Praline Pecan Topping
$9.99 - #20036 - Shipping wt. 2lbs.

Add the "Sweet Taste of New Orleans" to your favorite ice-cream, dessert, pancakes, or waffles. Made with fresh toasted pecans.
Gris Gris Fire Sauce
$8.99 - #20013 - Shipping wt. 1.5lbs.

Gris Gris: Charms or talismans kept for good luck or to ward off evil. This flavorful hot sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers, tomatoes, vinegar, and spices will definitely keep the spirits at bay!
Voodoo Mango Hot Sauce
$8.99 - #20014 - Shipping wt. 1.5lbs.

Enjoy the fruity and peppery flavors of the Voodoo Mango hot sauce. Made with real mangos and Louisiana sugar, and all natural ingredients this sauce has the natural pairing with just about any dish.
Great Gator Basket
$32.99 - #6548 - Shipping wt. 4lbs.

This fun filled basket comes with four Aunt Sally's Pralinettes, a New Orleans Cajun Critter Mug, a Deep in the Swamp book, a Bendy Gator, and one Plush Gator.


Bayou Fun Basket
$25.99 - #6547 - Shipping wt. 3lbs.

Contains Stick Little Frog Big Adventure book, a Jelly Belly Gummy Gator, a New Orleans Sippy Cup with straw, and one Louisiana kids puzzle.
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