Romance, memories, and magic: These are the very unique commodities we provide to each of our clients and their guests at Southern Oaks Plantation. Although we are renowned for our delicious cuisine, exceptional service, and distinctive ambience, it is our goal to make every celebration at Southern Oaks Plantation something even more – something greater and intangible, exceeding your expectations. Our elite team of wedding professionals will turn your dreams into reality, providing an unrivaled and unforgettable experience.

With many amenities provided "in house" as part of our reception package, planning an event at Southern Oaks Plantation is easy and as stress-free as possible. Let our award-winning team coordinate the event of a lifetime, while your relax and enjoy the convenience of our all-inclusive reception package.


Providing an elaborate “Taste of New Orleans,” the gourmet catering at Southern Oaks Plantation is possibly the most celebrated part of each guest’s experience. Receptions feature an artistic, hand-passed menu of over eighty different items served continuously throughout the event. The unique style of this service guarantees a reception that is much more festive, social, and memorable than a buffet or coursed meal. It also allows us to ensure that the cuisine is perfectly presented to your guests immediately after being prepared.

Your guests will be amazed by the creations of our culinary artists, and astonished by the limitless diversity and quantity of items served during the reception. The all-inclusive menu also simplifies your planning for the event. Rather than choosing certain items to have available to your guests, every item on our menu is included for every celebration.

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