Veterans Ford

Splendid flags on Veterans Boulevard reveal one of the largest Ford dealerships in the South.

"I really enjoy coming to work each day"

Robert Weinemen, Owner and President of Veterans Ford

"Our pledge is to give our customers a better experience when buying a car. We care about our customer, that's our objective."

This automotive dealership (at the crossroads of Veterans and Causeway) knows that quality in selection and service is important for both customers and companies

"Commercial Sales at Veterans Ford is about three things Quick Answers, Solutions and customer satisfaction."

And for many that experience begins in the home or office

"We make the car-buying experience easier than ever with out Internet Department We're e-Ready!"

Worldwide, or just around the corner, customer care is primary.

"The great part about this business is when a customer comes in, and they get the right car for a great price and they feel good; and that makes me feel great."


We're Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud at Veterans Ford and WWL-TV Channel 4.