Stewart Enterprises

In Louisiana, we celebrate our history and our heritage.

Our memories and our monuments stand as testaments to lives well-lived...

... and remind us that every person is important, every life unique.

All are part of a renowned national company that calls Louisiana home - Stewart Enterprises.

Founded in 1910 by Albert Stewart, it was originally known as the Acme Marble and Granite Company.

This family business grew and today operates funeral homes and cemeteries in 24 states and Puerto Rico.

"Everybody in life wants to leave a footprint to say that they were here and they fulfilled a purpose. That's what our business is all about."

As this local institution celebrates 100 years, they've evolved to meet changing needs while always remembering that caring service is their most important purpose.

"It's about building relationships and establishing a trust that families in Louisiana and around the country have come to depend on."

We're "Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud" at Stewart Enterprises and Channel 4.


Stewart Enterprises
1333 S. Clearview Parkway
Jefferson, LA 70121