Banner Automotive Group

The Banner Automotive Group, Ford in Mandeville and Chevrolet in New Orleans, is always working to put their customers first.

“Here at Banner, we don’t really think of ourselves as only a car dealership, we think of ourselves as a family, a group of people working together. The goal, is for our customers to be happy with every experience here at Banner,” said Rick Flick, Dealer/Owner, Banner Automotive.
At Banner, it starts with sales and continues with service, such as free loaner cars and same day service. Rick Flick states, “The Banner philosophy is fairly simple, we treat everyone the way we want to be treated, with honesty and respect.”

Banner’s business philosophy and over 100,000 vehicles sold have garnered Rick Flick and Banner national recognition. “The Deal of the Year Award is not about how many cars your sell. It is about taking care of people, getting involved and giving back to your community. It all boils down to the way you treat your customers, and for us, the Banner way really is the better way,” says Rick Flick.

We’re Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud here at Banner Automotive and WWL-TV, Channel 4.

We’re Louisiana Made Louisiana Proud at Loyola University and Channel 4.





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