Aucoin Hart Jewelers

Since 1927, Aucoin Hart Jewelers has added sparkle to New Orleans' most important moments.

“New Orleans is a town of celebration,” said Tommy Aucoin Sr. “We match up so well with the people of New Orleans because we like to celebrate and we enjoy New Orleans and we enjoy living in this great town we live in.

Master craftsmen construct most of the jewelry in the store, while the entire Aucoin Hart staff focuses on the customer's satisfaction.

“We go search and we find those gem stones that stand out from the rest,” said Aucoin. “Then we come back and we sit with the designers. We figure out exactly what we want to make. Because that is what we do. We make the customer happy.

Now, as the Gulf Coast rebuilds, a third generation of the Aucoin family has reaffirmed their dedication to the Crescent City.

“I love New Orleans,” said Tommy Aucoin Jr. “There's a feeling there's a soul I guess. It's the people. It's the food and we like to think it's the jewelry.”

We're Louisiana Made, Louisiana Proud at Aucoin Hart Jewelers and WWL-TV, Channel 4.

Aucoin Hart Jewelers
1525 Metairie Road