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Puccini's TURANDOT

Puccini's TURANDOT

Sept. 28th & 30th, Mahalia Jackson Theater

Puccini's majestic lyric drama is set in ancient China during the age of fables. A royal decree is read stating that Princess Turandot will marry any royal suitor who can answer her three riddles. To take the test and fail means death, and the recent loss of the head of the Prince of Persia marks the thirteenth such failure. Calaf, the unknown prince, succumbs to Turandot's great beauty and accepts her daunting challenge. Calaf successfully answers Turandot's riddles, but rather than forcing her to marry, he counters with a riddle of his own. If by dawn she can discover his name she is released from her pledge. To illustrate the depth of his love, at dawn he reveals his own secret, placing his destiny in her hands.

With its large cast of exotic characters and grand choruses, this fairy tale fantasy bursts with color and excitement as the lush romanticism of Puccini's glorious music carries us to the magical ending in which love triumphs over all!

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November 8th-11th, La Petite Theatre

The court of Louis XIV, the "Sun King," was known for its richness and splendor that extended to the arts and architecture as well. Jean-Philippe Rameau, one of the greatest of the French Baroque composers of opera, turned to the Greek mythological subject of the renowned sculptor, Pygmalion, who carved an ivory statue of a woman so beautiful that he fell in love with it. Pygmalion appealed to the goddess Venus to bring his statue to life and his wish was granted.

The second half of our French Baroque evening will feature eight colorful selections by the leading 18th-century composers: Lully, Campra, Charpentier, Marais, and Rameau that showcase our soloists, dancers, and orchestra, complemented by scenic design elements that utilize paintings drawn from the New Orleans Museum of Art's exhibition of the Duke of Orleans celebrated art collection. Join us at Le Petit Théâtre Du Vieux Carré for this musical feast!

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Mozart’s Abduction

Mozart's Abduction

February 8th & 10th, Mahalia Jackson Theater

Oh No! Captured by pirates and sold to the Pasha of Istanbul for his harem! Constanza, purchased with her maid Blondchen and their manservant, Pedrillo, has all but given up hope when Belmonte, her noble fiancé, appears with a plan to help them all escape. Both Pasha Selim and his vicious harem overseer, Osmin, have been smitten with the two exotic Western beauties, but the ladies continually reject the affections of their new owners. Belmonte gains entrance to the harem disguised as an architect and puts his plan into action.

With a comic plot full of disguises, misplaced ladders, and wine laced with sleeping potions, Mozart's sparkling music bubbles along to the surprising finale where nobility prevails over bitterness and revenge.

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Lera Auerbach’s The Blind

Auerbach's The Blind

April 4th- 7th, Marigny Opera House

Lera Auerbach's unique 12-voice acapella opera is based on a haunting play of Flemish Symbolist writer Maurice Maeterlinck. A group of twelve blind patients have been led into the forest by their priest who guided them there to enjoy the last rays of sun before the winter. Realizing that they have gone too far, the priest tells them to wait while he seeks food and help. In their frustration and helplessness, they pray for forgiveness and salvation, but the tension mounts inexorably when they discover the cold body of the priest who has died among them.

There are more questions than answers in this fascinating opera and each listener can decide on their own interpretation. Is it a metaphor for our lives, our religions, or our own blindness? In our "immersive theater" production, you will experience the heightened sensory perception of joining the cast of sightless individuals as you enter the forest with them.

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Verdi’s Rigoletto

Verdi's Rigoletto

April 26th & 28th, Mahalia Jackson Theater

The enormous popularity of Verdi's Rigoletto rests on the power of its drama and the richness of its music. The Duke of Mantua is the personification of the axiom that "absolute power corrupts absolutely." Aided by his vicious hunchbacked jester, Rigoletto, the Duke uses his royal authority to violate women at will. Outraged husbands and fathers are helpless in the face of this authoritarian abuse and are degraded by the sting of Rigoletto's scorn. Count Monterone bursts into a Ducal party and verbally assaults the ruler for having dishonored his daughter. Rigoletto taunts Monterone's outrage but is met with a withering "father's curse." The shock of the court is especially felt by Rigoletto who has a daughter that he has kept secret to protect her from the Duke. When the courtiers think Gilda is Rigoletto's mistress, they abduct her for the pleasure of the Duke. Continually haunted by the "father's curse," Rigoletto swears revenge upon his master and this fast-paced drama leads us to the grimly tragic conclusion.

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