LaToya Cantrell - Mayor


We deserve leadership that stands up for all of us, the people of New Orleans. On November 18th, we'll go to the polls to elect our next Mayor.

LaToya Cantrell has been endorsed by Step Up Louisiana, and embraced their three-point platform: equal pay for women, ban "the box" for ex-offenders, and a $15 minimum wage.

She's been endorsed by The Working Families Party, Michael Bagneris, Troy Henry, The Louisiana Weekly, The Times Picayune, and IWO New Orleans.

LaToya has a plan to reduce the unemployment rate for African American men.

And she will create an Office of Youth and Family Services to ensure all our children are afforded equal opportunities.

The bottom line -- LaToya delivers. Watch how she delivered for our city's musicians and hospitality workers with the powerful help of a man in his final hours.

LaToya Cantrell - Mayor

Vote for change on November 18th. Vote LaToya Cantrell for Mayor.

LaToya Cantrell - Mayor

Team LaToya

P.S. Our opponent is throwing punches right and left to get ahead.
Help us correct the record.

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LaToya Cantrell

LaToya Cantrell for Mayor Campaign
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