SIF Homebuilders - Protecting against Workers' Comp Fraud
SIF Homebuilders
Be aware of fraudulent certificates of insurance. While not always easy to spot, fraudulent certificates of insurance can sometimes be spotted by reviewing certain items on the certificate.

Always look for the following:
  • Misspelled words
  • Same policy number being used for different types or
    lines of insurance
  • Any indication that part of the certificate has been
    copied over or altered in any way

You should always obtain the Certificate of Insurance directly from the insurance agent of the subcontractor. The COI will detail the carrier/company providing the coverage as well as the effective dates of the coverage. If you are uncertain as to the validity of a certificate, you can check the status of a certificate online at You just need to submit the name of the subcontractor and a specific date of coverage to verify. This is a free service offered through the Office of Workers' Compensation.
SIF Homebuilders
SIF Homebuilders