Preparing for a Workers' Comp Audit

Making time to properly prepare for an upcoming workers' compensation
audit can make a tremendous difference in the end result of the audit.
While the perfect desired outcome cannot be guaranteed, the following
questions and answers should prove useful.

Why are workers' compensation
audits performed?

The purpose of the workers' compensation payroll audit is to ensure that you pay only
the appropriate premiums due for your business. Your policy was issued based on your
business operations and the estimated payrolls anticipated at that time. The final premium
for the coverage term is based on the actual payroll exposure during the term.

What records will the auditor need to
review for the audit?

To complete your audit, the auditor must have access to all pertinent payroll records including,
but not limited to the following:

• General Ledger
• W2's
• Checkbook or Bank Statements
• Individual or Business Tax Returns
• Unemployment Reports
• Quarterly Tax Reports
• 1099's Issued
• Cash Disbursement Journals
• Certificates of Insurance for Subcontractors

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