SIF HOMEBUILDERS self insurers fund
If you are in the home construction business, you need to read this.
If you are a General Contractor and use subcontractors to perform any work, you must furnish proof that each subcontractor used during the policy period had workers’ compensation coverage in force or your workers’ compensation provider may charge premium for the payroll for those subs.

While maintaining certificates of insurance on file for your subs can seem daunting, it is necessary and it is now easier than ever if you know the code.

Confirm the effective dates of coverage and expiration before work begins on any of your jobsites.

Obtain certificates of insurance directly from the insurance company or agency shown on the certificate. Do not accept certificates from the subcontractor.

Do Not Accept certificates of insurance that indicate “For Bid Purposes Only” or “To Be Determined” as the certificate holder. Your business name must be shown as the certificate holder.

Examine the certificate to make sure it provides Louisiana benefits. Employers operating in Louisiana are required to obtain authorized Louisiana workers’ compensation coverage, regardless of whether or not the employer is domiciled in Louisiana. Certificates issued for out-of-state subcontractors must certify that their workers’ comp policy provides Louisiana workers’ comp coverage, or you may be liable in the event of a claim which could impact your premiums.

The HomeBuilders Self Insurers Fund is a Louisiana-based workers’ compensation provider specializing in providing coverage to the residential construction industry.  Please email feedback or questions to