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Are You too busy for two dental visits?
Unlike most dental offices that require temporary restorations and off-site dental labs, we have the capability to create your Bridges and Crowns in our office on the same day.

How We Make Same Day Bridges and Crowns. Instead of the old, bulky impression material of the past, we utilize digital impressions, which provide us with greater accuracy and greater comfort for our patients. Next, the information transfers to a computerized device that mills your permanent restoration from a single piece of ceramic. Dr. Bailey places the finishing touches on each of your restorations, including shading and final adjustments, giving you a strong and beautiful result. Our patients truly appreciate the convenience of having world-class dentistry in one day in the comfort of our dental office.
Fixed bridges – Because they are reliable and affordable, dental bridges are still one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. Not only do missing teeth leave an unsightly gap in your smile, they can also allow your teeth to shift, causing problems with your occlusion (your bite). A dental bridge will act as a placeholder, keeping your teeth from drifting. A fixed dental bridge is a single unit comprised of two crowns that secure an artificial tooth in place. To achieve an accurate fit, we will take digital impressions of your missing tooth and the adjacent and opposing teeth so that your bridge looks and feels completely natural. With our new Omnicam technology and milling unit, we now have the ability to make posterior 3-unit bridges, using zirconia material that is much stronger and durable. This material is especially helpful for patients that grind and/or clench their teeth, or have heavy occlusion (bite).
Crowns – Our dental crowns are custom creations designed to match your existing teeth, retaining your smile's seamless appearance.
Benefits of CEREC Technology  Absolute Quality Care Family Dentistry
At ABSOLUTE QUALITY CARE, we understand that our patients’ time is valuable, which is why Dr. Gray Bailey provides same-day dental restorations using CEREC technology. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a state of-the-art technique that uses CAD/CAM technology to create high-quality, attractive restorations on the same day, right in our Prairieville office. Because we eliminate the need for a dental lab, we can save you both time and money without compromising quality. Dr. Bailey oversees the creation of your ceramic restoration from start to finish. His skills and expertise combined with CEREC technology will provide excellent results! Our entire team looks forward to helping you achieve your oral health and wellness goals.
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