Academy of The Sacred Heart
Our Girls Change The World

The Academy of the Sacred Heart is a Catholic, independent, college prep school
for girls offering education and faith-filled instruction from early learning through
high school. There's a lot of great things happening in Sacred Heart classrooms and
around campus. You're'invited to experience a Day in the Life of a Sacred Heart Student.
Upper School
Upper School: Sacred Heart Offers Authentic Learning Experiences.
Students have access to a new human synthetic cadaver, a Financial Literacy course offered through an on-campus PJ's Coffee, Genealogy research with, GIS mapping learning and more.
Our girls are pioneers
Middle School
Middle School: Sacred Heart's Innovation Lab Creates Thinkers.
Middle School students apply
"what if?" design thinking techniques
to create impactful solutions to
complex, real-world issues.
Our girls are makers
Lower School
Lower School: Sacred Heart Students Are Technologically Advanced.
In their new Tech Café, students engage in various computer science applications such as coding,
3D printing, greenscreen movie
making, and more.
Our girls are tech savvy
Little Hearts
Little Hearts: Sacred Heart
Teaches the Importance
Being Earth-Friendly.

Even the youngest students model earth-friendly practices with hands-on experiences like gardening, planting, and learning how to take care of and respect nature.
Lower School
Come see for yourself what a "Day in the Life" of a Sacred Heart Student is like - in class and around campus!
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Sacred Heart admits qualified students regardless of race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.