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TGP's Gardening Tips

How often should I water my lawn during the summer months?
You should water every other day during the summer to maintain a healthy green lawn. The best time is the first thing in the morning.

What are the guidelines for watering trees and shrubs during the summer?
Water 2 to 3 days a week however during July and August 3 days week.

How often and how much should I water my hanging baskets?
Every other day. If it's less than a 10" basket you need to water every day.

When should I fertilize my lawn?
Best is 4 weeks after grass begins to grown from the winter months. To maintain I also suggest applying weed & feed at least 2 times during the summer months.

DO I need to mulch my garden after planting.
Yes. Mulch keeps moisture in. I also suggest using 3 inches of mulch.

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