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TGP's Gardening Tips

When is a best time to plant?
Southeast Louisiana is one of the best places for gardens, we can plant just about all year except when temperatures are below 28 degrees.When the temperatures are higher then 80 degrees, amounts and frequency of watering is needed. It is never too hot to plant it's just about more watering requirements.

What are the best trees to plant?
Blanchard Magnolia, Little Gem Magnolia, Japanese Magnolia, Japanese Blueberry, Japanese Yews, Hollies-Savannah / Oak leaf / East Palatka / Foster, Sweet Olive, and of course the Live Oak.

What is the difference between an annual and perennial?
An annual you will need to replant each year a perennial will come back on the average of 65% back each year.

When is it time to put down a weed and feed on my grass?
You can start applying when the grass starts growing from the winter season and not before, you will damage the root system if you do. You can reapply most weed and feeds every 6 week. Make sure you water in and it's not going to storm in the next 3 days before applying.

Why and when do you use mulch?
Most people like the way it looks but we recommend because it keeps the moisture in the ground longer and prevents/helps with weeds. There should be 3 inches of mulch at all times for all garden beds.

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